Works in Progress Reading

Works in Progress Readings
Friday, October 3
Casa Libre en la Solana
228 N. 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705

Readings from Michael Sheehan, Lisa Cole, and……………César Díaz!!!!! (my husband)

Casa Libre, a writing center (not afflilated with academia, but working writers) is really a unique and intimate place to hear readings. In an atmospheric old adobe building in downtown Tucson, the Soalrium (Solana) is kind of like a library space with stucco walls, wood-paneled bookshelves and high beamed ceilings. At the first and only reading we’ve been to, we were packed into this room with a few dozen other writers and bookworms, the lights turned down low, ceiling fans whirring and the windows and doors all open. It called to mind some of the Café Libro readings I’d been blessed to attend at Resistencia Bookstore with raúlrsalinas, Dagoberto Gilb, the word/jazz Lowstars, and paying tribute to Gloria Anzaldúa. Definitely some of the sacred moments of life.

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