Women In Psych mix


  1. World of Dreams – The Cake
  2. Sally Go Round The Roses – Grace Markay*
  3. Hide & Seek – The Feminine Complex
  4. What A Way To Die – The Pleasure Seekers
  5. Twilight Dreamer – Earth & Fire***
  6. Little Sadie – Trees**
  7. Beauty – Mad Curry***
  8. Tuesday – Birtha
  9. Hard Chargin’ Woman – Zephyr
  10. Lottery – Rochelle Rosenthal & The Kickball Queen
  11. No Warmth In My Life – Room***
  12. People On The Highway – The Pentangle*
  13. Number 33 – Jan & Lorraine**
  14. God Bless The Child – Fifty Foot Hose**
  15. Evening’s Child – Savage Rose***
  16. Port and Lemon Lady – Goliath***
  17. I Am And So Are You – Affinity***
  18. Eli’s Coming – Affinity***

One of my many pipe dreams is to establish and all-girl psychedelic rock band. For now, a mix will have to vicariously suffice. It proved to be quite a challenge to compile, leaving out the “givens”: Janis, Grace, The Velvet Underground, etc. Sure, there were a ton of all-girl garage bands but an all-girl psych rock band was really hard to find. I guess I could’ve listened to more garage acts for nuances of psychedelia but I just got kind of exhausted searching for appropriate material. Also, the portrayal of many garage bands as novelties rather than rockers really bothered me. Not that these ladies didn’t rock out, but the wolfish selling of “gee whiz, a hot all-girl band” and/or the implied smirk “aw, girls trying to play guitars & drums, ain’t that cute” tainted the sound for me.

Once I threw out the all-girl criteria, I discovered a wealth of interesting vocalists, from jazz-influenced to folk to pop, and several albums worth some quality headphone-listening time (specifically Earth & Fire, Goliath, Savage Rose, Mad Curry and my favorite, quite possibly the best thing I’ve heard in awhile, Affinity [except for the lame cover of “All Along The Watchtower”]). This is by no means a de-femme-itive list; I’m barely delving into the niche. Gonna listen to this mix and the albums from each band a whole lot more because when I really like a song, I have to listen to it about a million times in a row before moving on to new material. Please leave a note if you have further thoughts or suggestions!

*via Spisce Animals
**Featured on The Black Months and Wyldeflowers mixes previously compiled
***via this person’s list of Post-Psychedelic Proto-Progressive Female Vocalists. I didn’t get to listen to everyone on here, but definitely some cool finds.

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