Where my ladeez at?

So I’m organizing a multi-media art show at Pump Project Art Complex that incorporates collaborative painting, film/video installations and live music. One of the coolest parts of curating is connecting with and really being impressed by other artists. It’s by far the best way to get to know the processes, techniques, and individuals out there in the local art scene. But the issue I’m running into is the lack of Austin-based female artists to join in the show. My current roster is, well, a sausage-fest. Perhaps I’m just not looking in the right places for hip, emerging women video artists, painters & musicians? C’mon, I know y’all are out there!


  • elfie

    Link away, my friend. Thanks for the funky festivities. Loved the shady space. Any plans for an encore?

  • Rachel

    yo, i totally ran into Bonnie, who I went to summer camp with when I was like 12! Awesome, covered the even on Austin Style Watch

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