DiverseArts and Ricardo Acevedo present
A showcase of local rainbow families that celebrate diversity

New East Arts Gallery
1601 East 5th Street, Suite 106
Open from 12 PM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday, Saturday by appointment
Reception: July 12, 7 PM to 10 PM

DiverseArts is pleased to announce the opening of US, a photo-documentary chronicling the changing face of Austin and America in the context of the 2008 election year. During an election year characterized by the candidacy of the nation’s first mixed-race, presidential nominee, the photos, taken by Ricardo Acevedo, attempt to represent Austin’s “rainbow family” community: mixed-race individuals, families and couples. According to Acevedo, “American faces have become a feast of ethnic blending” representing “the beauty of our hybrid selves as earthlings, moving beyond the invisible borders of country and state.”

A California native, Ricardo “r/ace” Acevedo has been an Austin resident since 1998, gaining notoriety for his contributions to photography, music and film. His pioneering work in photographic painting lead Stacee Millangue of Austin’s “Idea Gallery” to describe his work as defining “the possibilities of modern photography.” Acevedo’s work is sensual and vivid, embracing the human form in both its delicacy and power. Recently, his work has been accepted for exhibition in the prestigious Center for Fine Art Photography’s 2008 “International Artful Nude Competition.” Samples of Acevedo’s work, photographic, fine art, music and video, can be found at


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