Trans Media

Graphite on paper
February 2012

Over the past few months, I’ve felt compelled to transfer particular objects between sculpture, photography, and drawing/painting. Relating an image through one medium alone doesn’t seem to be enough. It’s not really a calculated exploration or statement, just a compulsion. It took being forced to write an artist’s statement about my recent drawings, that  I’ve come to realize they are (surprise) self-portraits in a sense. More on that later though.

Lately I’ve also noticed many artists testing these same waters to the point that it could be called a trend, with the goal of justifying the significance of an image by reproducing it in quantity and across various media. Benjamin wrote that art becomes less meaningful as it’s reproduced. Now that the work is stripped of its original meaning, this movement seems to be searching for meaning in the reproduction itself. An intriguing vacuum.

Anyway, this is a new piece you can check out along with a second drawing TBC at Pump Project next month. I believe the opening is on March 3.

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