Tragic Summer Mix

Wistful electronic tunes from the late 20th century to today

for cruising dark suburbs with the windows rolled down on hot summer weeknights; for that pre-dusk hour at the beach where people pack up their stuff and go home, crammed all sticky and sandy in their air conditioned cars; for humid Saturday mornings going to the mall to buy new high tops and lunch at Chick-Fil-A; for walking out of the hair salon after enjoying a cold Coke at your chair, feeling the clippings inside your shirt and knowing you’ll have to wash it and break the spell; empty palm-lined sidewalks in New Urban shopping developments; the smell of cheap plastic toys and swimsuit fabric in souvenir shop after souvenir shop; tail light trails on a 4-lane freeway as streetlights flash by; the tunnel level in Pole Position.

Summer’s sadness is a journey of longing, on your way to or from somewhere where something actually happened. Step into my ride.


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