The Music of MMVII

I’m hard-pressed recall new music in 2007 that I liked, so I’ll be adding to this list as I remember things. Usually I don’t pay much attention to artists if there’s not a chance for me to see them play in town. This year was different because I didn’t have very many opportunities to catch many local acts, and the shows I did see made me exhAUsted. I must be getting old! Instead, I discovered more international artists on various iTunes Radio stations, myspace, at SXSW and the French blog Pardon My Freedom. Hopefully some of these newer bands from outside the U. S. will come through Austin during SXSW.

AIR – Pocket Symphony
I like how each of their albums is different, even if not all of the songs are hits or particularly easy to listen to. Mer du Japon was my favorite song from this one.

I heard this band from Italy on Pig Radio over the summer. Giorni Vacanzieri, a catchy electro-pop ditty, has been in my head for months – and I love it!

Björk – Volta
Björk’s been my favorite singer EVER for the last 15 years. It’s funny how each one of her albums feels like it fits my life right at that time. It was a dream come true to see her live at the Austin City Limits Music Festival back in September. I know everyone’s crazy for Declare Independence right now (it was her incredible finale at ACL), but Wanderlust sunk to the depths of my pond.

Basic Soul Radio Show

I actually found this amazing podcast out of Manchester, U.K. in late 2006. Each week is a luscious 2-hour treat of head candy in acid jazz, trip hop, hip hop, house, experimental, drum & bass, soul and R&B flavors. And it’s real music – not the piped-in cheezy chill-out, lounge-y crap that you hear in bars for wannabes. Whatever is on DJ Simon Harrison’s list for Best of ’07 would be on mine too.

Midnight Juggernauts
This album is only available in Australia, but I’ve heard a lot of phenomenal songs by these guys on Pig Radio. It’s a groovy ride on the electro-pop-rock-dance bandwagon, but there’s something more progressive and original in their sound than just pure trendiness.

The Black Ghosts
An late 00’s electro-pop-dance group only with sooooul, kind of like what Yaz was to New Wave in the early 80’s. I think they’ve only released singles, all of which I’m digging the early 90’s beats and sampling.

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