The Black Months mix

Today the storytelling beings. Everywhere in Brittany the storytelling begins at Toussaint, in the Black Month. It goes on through December, the Very Black Month, as far as the Christmas story.
— A. S. Byatt, Possession

Some chilly baroque psych-folk (+ pop/rock) for short, bright days and dark, windy nights.


  1. The Hour of Not Quite Rain – Buffalo Springfield
  2. Murdoch – Trees
  3. The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin
  4. Under – Cucumber
  5. The Scarlet Letter – Mary Maiden
  6. Surabian Lament – Layne Martine Jr.
  7. Oracle – Chapter VI
  8. Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow – Strawberry Alarm Clock
  9. Willow Tree – Tudor Lodge
  10. And I Need You – Thunderhead
  11. This Is Really The Zoo Plus Two – The Endd
  12. The Raven – Chad & Jeremy
  13. Snow Roses – Jan & Lorraine
  14. My Autumn’s Done Come – Lee Hazlewood

Artwork: Photography and design by me. Original photos taken in 2004 at my family homestead near Hallettsville, Texas.

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