The Black Months II

About 10 years ago in 2010, I published a mix along the theme of this excerpt from A.S. Byatt’s novel Possession:

Today the storytelling beings. Everywhere in Brittany the storytelling begins at Toussaint, in the Black Month. It goes on through December, the Very Black Month, as far as the Christmas story.

The original Black Months mix consisted only of 60s/70s psych, rock, and folk; The Black Months II is much more eclectic but nonetheless consists of my usual melange of jazz, medieval, dark wave, tech house, Italo disco, library, new age, medieval, experimental, and of course psych and folk. To complete your autumn music experience, listen to my other mixes including Dancing In the Dark, Silk ‘n’ Sweater, and — should you want to continue the mood to the December holidays — The Dead of Christmas and There Will Be No Miracles Here. I bid you good darkness.


  1. The Banshee – Henry Cowell [1925]
  2. Tamara – Adam Wysocki [1933]
  3. Naked When You Come – The Lollipops [1966]
  4. Behind The Moon – No Entry [1969]
  5. No Parking – Gold [1970]
  6. Untie Me – The Tams [1962]
  7. You’re Dead – Norma Tanega [1966]
  8. Astral Cowboy – Curt Boettcher [1969]
  9. Sad Are The Days – HIGH RISK [1974]
  10. Goodnight Jack – Saint Etienne [1998]
  11. So – Hareton Salvanini [1973]
  12. Flow my teares – John Dowland [1596]
  13. Hello Goodbye – Modern Art [1983]
  14. Starknight – Bob Salton [1982]
  15. Strange Day for Dancing – Moral Support [1984]
  16. Azure – Blaukoma [2018]
  17. Plateau – Motohiko Hamase [1986]
  18. She weepeth full sore – William Lawes [1648]

Main artwork: Mel Odom, cropped and modified by me
Tracklist artwork: C.H. Page and Son architectural rendering of the Wooten mausoleum at Oakwood Cemetery in Austin, Texas

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