TA-DAA! Introducing my new non-art-yet-still-creative project

The Daily Noodle is a food blog consisting of a collective of friends dishing up recipes, pictures, interesting morsels, stories, thoughts and memories about food, potluck-style.

After moving back to Austin from Tucson, I realized how much I missed potlucks: the delicious food and good times, funny stories, interesting conversations. Recipes were occasionally exchanged, although I think many. I’m also a hobbyist cooking nerd constantly researching recipes online…I’ve got accounts on different sites but no way to aggregate them so I thought a blog might be a good format, but didn’t want to do it all alone. Since running my Tucson art info/news blog Tu Scene alone for 2 years, I knew I’d burn out without contributors, plus I wanted there to be more of a sharing, fun, community spirit with others in this endeavor.

Drinks are in the fridge; getcha a chair and join us! Read, subscribe, Like it on FB if you’re so inclined.

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