Sky Islands

rincon mountains

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be leaving all this behind and visiting friends and familia in Texas over the Christmas/New Year’s holidays. For those who care, I’ll be in Austin December 18-20, and at some point on the 22nd or 23rd, so don’t hesitate to holla if you wanna hang out.

Although I’m looking forward to heading Home for a bit, the good people of Tucson have been very receptive and supportive of Tu Scene, and I’m most grateful. I’ve met an exceptional group of active artists, arts organizers, and all-around cool enthusiastic folks here and it’s been absolutely serendipitous. Cross your fingers for a launch party possibly going down at a downtown gallery before I skip town.

With Tu Scene a-bubblin’ and the pre-holiday frenzy at the day job, it’s been difficult to get to more personal art projects. I did, however, add some new stuff to my Etsy store and more is on the way, just in time for the gift-giving season we all love to hate. Probably much to the dismay of my non-art nerd family members, I’ve kind of committed myself to only buying locally-made artisan/artist gifts. I have a feeling there’s an incident not unlike the Friendship sculpture episode of “Girlfriends” lurking in the future.

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