Serious Fun

Welp, Think Unsexy Thoughts is a wrap, and I think it was highly successful from start to finish. Interesting conversations, chuckles and interactions abounded about erotic imagery, gender roles, body image, commercialism, medical rights, shock value, relationships and weirdness abounded at both the opening and closing receptions. Most people, when they go to an art show, don’t get in much of an intense discussion about the art. If I run into an art-friend, I’ll nerd out with them, but a lot of times, I don’t notice anyone else talking about what they’re seeing; they’re usually too busy posturing in the wine line. But I have to say, this was the most I’d heard people conversing seriously/humorously about art in quite some time. Regardless of “quality”, great art doesn’t just provide a circumstance, but compels people to examine what’s in front of them — both the exhibition and life in general. While art exhibitions in galleries and museums make it possible to internalize a change in perceptions silently on one’s own, sharing this experience actively with others forms a personal bond. This interaction may be transient in space and time, but realizing our connectedness with one another is one of the things that helps make this world a better place. It was really exciting to see all the visitors go from a place of vulnerability to empowerment. Thanks to the artists and Wardenclyffe Gallery for helping me provide this opportunity.

Opening Reception | Install | Closing

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