Semiotics of Relationships and Memory

I saw Easy Rider (one of my favorite movies for tragicomedy, fashion, weirdo characters, editing, music) in a movie theater last week. This scene stuck with me, I think because of the friends I saw the movie with. I started thinking about relationships, and how it’s not about who are what you are, it’s about what you represent to the other person in any sort of relationship. It always goes back to the Self. Ultimately, we cannot interpret each other, no matter how strong the connection, because it’s impossible to know what is going on in someone else’s head, looking through their eyes. We can only wonder why a person responds a certain way. It is because of what one represents to the other individual, categorized, referenced in their own personal semiotic taxonomy.

Memory is the same way. It’s not about what a memory is, or who was in it, or re-living what transpired. It’s about what those things signify/represent to you about yourself, classified, providing a map to navigate your inner and outer world.

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