Screen Printing Class

In January, I took my first screen printing class at the Artist’s Screen Printing Coop (ASPCO) in East Austin. It was a four-week introductory course that met once per week. We learned how make 1-color prints on both paper and fabric. It was a lot of fun and Amanda, the instructor, was great!

I’m not really interested in making multiples of merchandise to sell, but rather in experimentation and incorporating it into my visual art somehow. Although I do graphic design for a living and put a great deal of pressure on myself to accept nothing less than perfection (hey, I’m a Virgo), and to a lesser degree with my artwork, I was surprised that I was able completely let that slide and just enjoy the process of attempting ides I’ve had for awhile, but didn’t want to execute as paintings, drawings, or designs.

I’m sure y’all have seen people wearing “The Future Is Female” t-shirts around. That design was created in the mid-1970s in NYC, and although that probably felt true a generation ago, based on recent events, I think it’s pretty obvious women are done waiting. The future is now. That’s why I say “The Future Is Indigenous” is next on our horizon. In order to survive climate change, we have to find ways to live respectfully and responsibly with our environment the way indigenous people all over the world have been doing for thousands of years.

I call this the All-Sleeping Eye (or Insominati) pillowcase. Printed on thrifted/vintage pillowcases.

Vintage clip art collage on vintage fabric.