Recent Work, Reception & Art Blowout Sale

I have new never-displayed-before & recent work up at Cafe Zope thru the end of July, so please stop by, grab a cold ‘n’ tasty beverage, a delicious crêpe and check it out.

Cafe Zope
344 N. 4th Ave.Tucson, AZ
July 13-30
Tu-Fri 9am-3pm
Sa-Su 8am-5pm

***SATURDAY, JULY 17, 5-9pm***
Snacks catered by Café Zope, wine available, or BYOB

Now, about this art blowout sale thing:
Please buy something at Zope if you’re so inclined, everything is less than $50, and that’s not just per piece, that for sets of 2 pieces or more!!! Why are you getting such a deal? Because the Mr. and I are moving back to our hometown of Austin, Texas on July 31 and would be very grateful for any donations towards our move. How do you do this? The awesome staff at the cafe can handle any sales and I’ve authorized them to part with the work right off the walls so you don’t have to wait to collect your item(s). But more importantly, I’d love to see your shining faces at the reception on Saturday to give you a big thank-you/good-bye hug.

P.S. Never fear about Tu Scene – a re-launch event is also in the works towards the end of the month that will explain all.

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