Put a gun on it!

I’ve written about birds and antlers before… now I’m wondering what the deal is with gun trend.

  • Gun art
  • Guns on furniture
  • Gun wallpaper
  • Girls with guns
  • Gun soap
  • Gun jewelry

An Etsy search reveals 250 pages of gun-themed items. As someone who grew up around hunting and military gun culture, glamorizing guns as décor strikes me as extremely naïve and generally distasteful with the state of crime and war all over the world.

I’m especially disturbed by the images in which suicide is hinted at. I can’t imagine how people who’ve lost a loved one to suicide must feel when seeing these objects trivialized.

Perhaps I’m overreacting, because I’m still fine with kids playing with cap guns and water guns, watching cartoons with guns. OK, well, maybe not graphic video games with guns. But most adults — from gun control advocates to NRA members — are well-aware of the consequences of gun violence. So why make them look cute? Why create fascination around them art/design objects of cold beauty, especially around children? This is a dangerous decontextualization.

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