Pop Up Spaces needs light construction donations

Pop Up Spaces is in need of some basic construction materials for the final installation of our Downtown Scavenger Hunt, which took place on March 1, 2009. We will be displaying the resulting drawings, writings and photography created in the scavenger hunt by the participants in four shadowboxes. The boxes will secured semi-permanently in the old window display kiosks on the side of the currently empty McLellan’s building at the corner of Congress and Scott. The kiosks face Scott but are easily viewed from Congress (see photos attached). We’ve partnered with the property owner/developer, John Wesley Miller, and have his permission to leave up the exhibit until construction begins on the building, happening in six months up to a year from now. We’re not asking for anything fancy, just sturdy. We don’t anticipate leaving up the displays for more than a few months as we want to prevent fading and tampering, and avoid a “neglected” appearance due to weathering.

Materials list for 4 shadowboxes:

  • plywood
  • plexiglass
  • screws
  • primer/paint/sealant

Inset measurements (shadowboxes can still be all the same size):

  • Boxes 1 – 2: 59.5″ x 35.5″ x 11″
  • Box 3: 59.5″ x 35.5″ x 12″
  • Box 4: 5′ x 3′ x 7″


  • Need materials no later than Saturday, May 2 (we’ll come to collect from you)
  • Must be installed before Saturday, May 9
  • Public reception on Saturday, May 9, details to follow

Service trades we can offer:

  • We’re professional graphic designers and can create business card, flyer, postcard designs, or anything else, for your business or other events
  • We’ll heartily sing your praises as a sponsor in all our promotions with a website link, phone, contact info etc. We anticipate a lot of press since we’ve (Rachelle & Julie) both had several interviews as individuals featured in the local media recently and buzz is brewing about this event already. We’ve already got 99.9% confirmation from the Downtown Tucsonan magazine that they’ll publish a good-sized article with photos and everything about this in their upcoming May issue.
  • If you are an artist, we can offer you curatorial preference in any future shows.

For more information or to make suggestions, contact Rachelle at info@popupspaces.org. We would also love help with construction labor, but can get it done on our own too. Details about the Scavenger Hunt are on our website at http://popupspaces.org. Thanks, and if you can offer any leads, let us know!

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