Pop Up Spaces IGNITE Presentation featured in Arizona Daily Star

Plus, amazing exciting news coming soon regarding the Downtown Scavenger Hunt exhibition! Stay tuned.

Excerpt from March 30, 2009 article about IGNITE Tucson:

Presenters also included Julie Ray, a local artist and writer who asked the audience to consider the potential applications of vacant Downtown buildings. With her friend Rachelle Diaz, she showed photos of the derelict stores and office spaces with words like “history,” “sustainability” and “development” imposed over them.

“Ignite provides a forum for people with new ideas to share them with the public,” Ray said. “They don’t have to relate to Downtown, but a lot of them relate to revitalization, social change and improving things in Tucson.

“In my case, it gives people hope that there are people like us doing things in Downtown. It creates inspiration and awareness. Ideally, if enough people are doing things it will create this synergy.”

Read the full article here.

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