One down…

staring at screens

The first painting in my Staring at Screens series is down, several more to go.

Acrylic on canvas

Here is the original photo, doctored in Photoshop for exposure/saturation to create the painting:

My digital camera has been dying a slow death since the summer of 2008. Finally, back in March 2009 I couldn’t get it to come up at all (I have since purchased a new one); it would only take blurry pictures that look like analog television signals. But it kind of works out because I already had an idea to work with a series of images exactly like this and was wondering how I’d find source material without a TV set.

This project is about un-pixelating the screens we stare at all day: computer (including internet, email, video, social media), cell phone, TV, bank ATMs, post office, touch screens credit card payment at the grocery store/convenience store/big box stores, etc. The addiction, the relief one feels when pulling the eyes away, the awareness of ubiquity. It’s akin to what I mentally dubbed in Texas “air conditioned bliss.” It’s the same feeling, only visually, that you get when you step into hot, hot summer-baked air and bright sun outside from working in a cool, even chilly, climate and light-controlled building all day long. It’s about the invigoration resulting from discomfort, or from a mere change from “comfort” and “stability” stepping into uncontrollable elements.

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