Nana-nana-nana-nana Bad Art!

Bad Art Workshop and Open Call for Art
Wednesday, June 17, 5-8+pm

278 E. Congress (5th & Congress)

Artists from pros to dabblers are welcome to create or drop off works for a lighthearted bad art installation at Bad Fest, happening at The Rialto on June 19 (keep reading below for more on that), and to be part of a show at Tooley’s in the very near future. Your favorite art blogger, me, Rachelle Díaz, will be hosting this informal workshop on Wednesday evening at Tooley’s.

What is “bad art”? you ask. While one person’s trash is another person’s Picasso, whether you think something is so bad it’s good, or just plain awful, there are some generally accepted threads. For media, think: glitter, velvet painting, macaroni, bean and popcorn collages construction paper, pipe cleaners, string art, and just about any kind of paint. For motifs, think: clowns, unicorns, cock-eyed still lifes and portraits, celebrities, cute overload, overused hipster designs (deer antlers, skulls, scrolls, personified inanimate objects, birds, telephone wires), Bob Ross, tiki bars, abstract expressionism, paint-by-number, kitsch… Still not inspired? Check out The Museum of Bad Art and Portland’s Velvetaria.

Come have some laughs, share ideas, and bring your own art-making materials including scissors, glue, paper, etc. Delicious caffeine and food are available for purchase from Tooley’s. You may also bring in your own personal beer and wine, but let’s keep it respectable folks — please at least buy a cookie or something.

If you have a completed piece you’d like to contribute, whether it’s your own work or something you picked up at a thrift store, you can also drop off art at Tooley’s during this time on Wednesday evening. Unframed works on paper or fabric (unstretched canvas, linen, any other fabric) only. We cannot puncture the walls of the Rialto with nails or tacks, so everything must be displayed for a few hours with masking tape.

For more information about the bad art workshop and art submissions, contact me at

Now, on to…

Bad Fest
Friday, June 19

The Rialto Theatre
318 E. Broadway
Fundraiser benefiting The Screening Room
$5-$40 donation at door (tiered pricing below)

Bad Fest is an edgy, multimedia social with live music from five local bands, video projections and audience participation pivoting on the word “bad,” as in “so bad, it’s good.” Simultaneous moving images such as from bad movies, classic movies, music videos and montages of locally produced independent films will be projected on the theater walls.

This event will helps raise the $10,000 needed for a new marquee to light up The Screening Room at 127 E. Congress. Support independent film and have a good time doing it! Bad Fest has been created in the spirit of local arts support for local musicians and artists, as a summer party at a great venue, for a great mission, with a great volunteer base.

See the Bad Art Show curated by Tu Scene’s Rachelle Díaz, installation by Natalie Nguyen, special appearances by bad characters and more. Hairstyles and fashion in bad taste are especially encouraged.

Five of Tucson’s most talented musical acts who’ve generously committed to perform are:

6:30-9pm Entrance Packages:

  • Bad Attitude: $15
  • Bad Company : $25 per couple, includes 1 Bad Fest t-shirt*
  • Bad Ass: $40 per couple, includes 2 Bad Fest t-shirts*

9pm-11pm Entrance Packages:

  • Bad Cat $5
  • Bad Dog: $10 includes Bad Fest t-shirt*

*T-shirts are $12 inside the theatre.

For more information about Bad Fest, contact David Aguirre at 792-4503 or


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