Living in the present

Instead of being diligent and using my time off wisely doing constructive things, I totally slacked for two weeks over the holidays, reading, eating, sleeping, waking up, watching bad TV, eating again, reading, sleeping again. I can’t say I enjoyed it, in fact, I was bored most of the time, but in retrospect I can see it was much-needed. It was the first amount of time I’d taken off more than a week since I was a college freshman 10 years ago. And the last couple of years, after nearly utterly burning out at end of the spring and fall seasons at Pump Project I’ve wanted to take time off to simply relax, but it never happened. Most of all, the break gave me some time to process moving 1000 miles this summer; how I’ve changed since struggling with being so far away from home for the first time to now, where I’m working on amazing projects I never thought I could do and making some great new friends here in Tucson. I’ve come to the conclusion that this move is one of the best things that’s happened to me in quite awhile.

I guess everyone has reflections about last year, and predictions/goals for the year ahead. I don’t. I’m enjoying the present and letting that intuition determine what I do next. What I’m feeling a pull towards in the near-term future is something I’ve been too caught up in work to focus on: building steady acquaintanceships into solid friendships. And fixing my hair more.

Here’s some other stuff that’s happened recently.

I was looking for an image of their next show to use on my Tu Scene art blog, when I discovered that I am not merely a General Artist, but a Featured Artist on local gallery/boutique PLAY’s website. Wow, thanks, dudes! Now if I could finish some actual work

This was forever ago, but Ms. Tricia at and founder of the wardrobe_remix community on Flickr featured yours truly as a remixer of the week late last year. It’s always such an honor to be chosen that I just had to put this up! The original post is here.

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