Hipsters: The New Ravers

Despite the fact that fashion has moved on, there are people stuck in 1998 who still dress like ravers. Despite the fact that fashion has moved on, there are people stuck in 2008 who still dress like hipsters. With the explosion of hipster jokes, it’s been proven that the style is a formula just like anything else. That it isn’t a statement about personal, but rather a means for people to identify with/as themselves/others. By subscribing to a fashion-lifestyle formula, voila! One’s potential to connect socially is greatly enhanced. Superficiality is a boost to the ego.

Music-driven fashion is the longest-lasting, specifically neo-flappers, hippies, kickers, metal heads, hip hop, ravers, goths, hipsters, etc., their trends rising and falling — andfossilizing, for some — over the course of a approximately a decade. What styles of music are in their formative phases now that will be the next big fashion-lifestyle movement? My two decades of being in touch with pop culture as experienced in the U.S. are waning, so anything I could guess at is rather uneducated. Musical artists like Lady Gaga and similar are exports from the fashion world rather than vice versa. Perhaps this means that consumers will become luxury brand-conscious again, only not in a flashy way as seen in the 00’s, but a sort of revised 80’s-90’s preppiness. Yes, it looks like influences are mixing and matching everything under the sun, but the label won’t be on your ass, it’ll only be visible only to those who are in the know. Thanks in part to brand-blogger partnerships, sponsorships and collaborations, the human billboards of the future have arrived and walk amongst us. Will they continue to be groomed as eventual traditional models? Or will the human or brand influence be maximized in ways yet to be determined? It speaks to the current larger socio-political struggles between humanization and monetization. Music-driven fashion-lifestyles from developing countries are what might be (or I’m sure already are) really interesting.

Of interest*:

*nowhere near a complete list, just trying to finish this damn post I started 6+ months ago during the hipster identity crisis of 2011.

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