FB Cover & Phone Wallpaper Snark

We graphic designers can be a self-loathing bunch. We excitedly mix the innovative surprises with familiar coziness in an attempt to create something unique, yet relatable. Sometimes this makes a brilliant chemistry, but problem with interesting design is that it’s a little too motivating.

Let me explain. Remember the drippy circle meme from about 10 years ago? Who started that? Remember when you first saw it and thought, “Huh. That’s kinda cool.”?Then everyone starting using it and now it’s only on crappy nightclub posters that’s only a step above Word Art. And skulls. And equilateral triangles. And outer space. And… well, you get the idea. Who starts all this nonsense in general? It’s easy to get cynical about it, yet in doing so, the finger of blame perpetually points squarely back at ourselves, whether we’ve experimented with these memes ourselves or just for being a part of the industry.

My way of dealing with this is via purging. Once I actually make something that articulates my opinions, rather than just droning on and on about how much X sucks (even then I hold my tongue on such matters), I feel better. No longer do I cringe when I actually come across people, blogs, etc. who still think this stuff is cool. Or when a client expects me to incorporate a meme into their design, or even when it would be appropriate to do so. It’s like wearing sunglasses or blinders.

Maybe I spend a little too much time thinking about these things, but, well, his is my little world, and it can make you kind of crazy when you have to constantly deal with annoying co-workers and customers, wow clients with your designs, write above reproof, read (and sometimes psychically absorb) instructions, and be able to do 10th-grade math. This time, the purge has come in the form of some Facebook cover images and phone wallpapers. Use, share, laugh, cry,  and credit if you wish.

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