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This is a mix I started putting together last fall since Raw Paw was publishing several of my Rooms series in their gorgeous Alien zine (which is so much more than a zine – it’s really a beautifully printed art book). But I finally found some lo-fi electro tracks to fill in my perceived musical gaps. To accompany the mix, I’m including an unreleased Room that I’ve never included with show or publication submissions because I didn’t feel it was quite done, but fits the mood of this mix appropriately. Headphones recommended. [DOWNLOAD]

  1. Way Out Of Living – Linear Movement [2008]
    Pretty sure I either heard this on Intersonik (indie radio stream from Greece) or La Grieta (stream from Acapulco native living in Houston).
  2. Astral Decoy – Michal Turtle [1983]
    According to discogs, the title of this album is true – it was, in fact, recorded in a living room. Michael Turtle is an English jazz/electro composer who went on to compose music for TV commercials in Switzerland (which, considering the link between early electro and commercial/library music is not surprising). Found on YouTube via Music From Memory, the record label that re-realeased Leon Lowman’s work from the late 70s’/early 80’s, which I discovered via the Basic Soul podcast, of course.
  3. Birds of Paradise (dub version) – Peaking Lights [2011]
    Don’t know much about them, see #1.
  4. Opus 11 – Fifty Foot Hose [1968]
    My favorite female-fronted psych/electro/prog/jazz band from San Fransisco. Ahead of their time.
  5. Three Small Coins – Craig Leon [1982]
    Experimental/lo-fi/library-ish weirdness. Sounds a little bit like “Alone In Kyoto” from Air’s soundtrack for Lost In Translation. Pitchfork has more info here.
  6. Time Travellers – Galactic Warriors [2013]
    Koto reboot.
  7. Shadow World – Xeno & Oaklander [2009]
    See #1. I’ve basically had dozens of songs from these sources on file for several years that I love, but wasn’t sure what to do with.
  8. Southern Cross – 808 State [1993]
    Back when house/acid artists could put out a catchy club track and have the rest of their output be more composition-oriented. I think some artists in the late 80s/early 90s picks up where 70s prog/jazz/electro artists left off.
  9. Suite No. 5 in C Major (Jupiter) – Antoine Fouqeray [1747]
    Fouqeray was a court harpsichordist and composer for Louis XIV (that’s Louis quatorze), but according to Wikipedia he was also a huge asshole who divorced his wife and had his son put in prison (more like Fuck-er-ay). My graphic design clients at the Arizona Early Music Society turned me on to this shimmering piece. Some commenters on YouTube say that this version is played much too fast, but I like it.
  10. Fantasy – Kim Rapatti [2007]
  11. Geomancy – Joel Graham [1982]
    Major proto-house happening here. Re-released on Music From Memory.
  12. Obsolete – 2nd Injection [1993]
    When I was 13, I heard on EdgeClub94 in Dallas about these things called “raves” that were, uh, apparently all the rave. So when I saw a compilation that had the word “rave” in the title in my BMG Music catalog, I had to order it. You can imagine my surprise when I first listened to Zoo Rave 2 and realized the music was much different than what was being played on this local radio show. Nonetheless, it still sounds cool now, and I’d like to pat 13-year-old me on the back for being so cool, even though I felt nothing close to it during those years.
  13. Welcome to the Pressure of Night – Mellowtron [1998]
    I remember buying this random drum & bass album at the record store in Barton Creek Mall during my freshman year of college. I probably took the bus out there by myself, which was another time in my life that I felt alone and not very cool. I believe I sold my CD at some point at Cheap-o’s, but apparently it’s quite rare now.
  14. Loomine (Creation) – Heinavanker [2007]
    Traditional Estonian runic song from Ambla Parish performed by the choral group Heinavanker, which gets their name from the Hieronymus Bosch triptych, “The Haywain.” Traditionally, this song performed by a girl swinging on a swing hung from a tree. Estonia has a wonderful polyphonic vocal tradition that is definitely work checking out.
  15. Prisme – Joel Fajerman [1979]
    Library interlude.
  16. Island Sunrise – Software [1988]
    Palm and laser.
  17. All Of Your Things (Blue Daisy Remix) – The RAah Project [2010]
    I have a harder time commenting on stuff that’s more contemporary… just wait till 2 mins. Magic!
  18. Transparency (How To Dress Well Remix) – d’Eon [2011]
    I love the 90’s R&B sound mixed with chillwave or whatever you’d call it. All I know is that I’d like to hear more of these kinds of mashups.
  19. On It (Seven Grams) – Slug † Christ ft. Stalin Majesty [2014]
    A commenter on Carles.buzz suggested this Southern rap track as a niche of auth music. A total Houston rap spin-off – not something I’d normally listen to, but super-catchy nonetheless. Also, the name Stalin Majesty totally makes me think of Buddha Stalin from Strangers With Candy (“Buddha Stalin is SO chronic!”).
  20. Dark Mist – Simon Benson [1979]
    Library interlude.
  21. Oxbow Lakes – The Orb [1995]
    I’m sure I’m not the only kid who got The Orb and Orbital mixed up. This was another BMG Catalog CD order that totally jarred me. I’d heard both Little Fluffy Clouds [1991] and Halcyon And On And On [1993] (and probably assumed It’s A Fine Day [1992] were all put out by the same artist) on EdgeClub in the around 1993 or so. While listening to Orbus Terrarum as a teen was a case of name recognition taking me by surprise again, it’s yet another example of dance artists that had massive club hits doing experimental, composition-oriented music that still sounds incredibly fresh today. At 7 1/2 minutes, “Oxbow Lakes” is one of the shortest tracks on the album and features a beautiful solo piano hook. I would have put my favorite, “Slug Dub,” which features among other things, a slowed down Led Zeppelin beat, but it’s almost 20 minutes long.
  22. Flower (King Britt’s Underwater Dub) – Soul Dhamma [1999]
    Welp, you’ve stuck it out for this long, you might as well sit through 11 minutes of illuminating, mind-expansion that’s like a combination of Deee-lite [1993] and Goldie’s Inner City Life/Pressure/Jah [1995 and 21 minutes long], and it’ll be over before you know it.

Art: Room 6: All speech is labored — there is nothing more a man can say
Digital Collage, 2014

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