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Artdivastudios.com, my new website, is under construction. You’ll be hooked up to all things Rachelle: art, graphic design, fashion, blogging… and whatever else I get into.

Realizing this type of comprehensive work has made me take notice how, as I’ve matured, my approach to art is becoming more and more like that of my good friend and Ricardo Acevedo, photographer/graphic designer/filmmaker/writer. When I was in my early 20’s, Ricardo was my unofficial mentor. We have completely different styles, but, among other things, we have a deep-rooted mutual understanding of an approach to art as a cohesive vision that unquestionably has to be expressed, encompassing several disciplines and taking on different forms. Art is always conntected in some way with everyday life and how we see it.

I’ve often said that the best of friends do not necessarily have to share common interests on a superficial level, such as liking the same music, same clothes, etc. That defines who you are as a consumer. What truly draws people to one another is common values. That defines who you are as a person.

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