Saturday I felt like watching the Chapi Chapo intro on YouTube. Then I starting watching Nickelodeon bumpers from the early 80’s in Related Videos. I think the video for the Midnight Juggernauts’ “Into the Galaxy” should’ve looked like the Nick graphics instead of the bland thing I watched the other day on myspace. Anyways. Then I found a bunch of Jem music videos. Wow! I don’t think I watched it that much when I was a kid, I think it was on TV at the same time as some other show I liked better. But I was impressed by the fashion and drawing style (the music, less so). I studied studying the face formula by pausing on closeups. I know I need to practice my technique some more, but I don’t want to polish it too much. I always thought it was lame that the kids in school who were considered “good” artists always drew like comic books, nothing original.

her hair looks like Tammi the hooker from that episode of King of the Hill

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