dadageek Student Showcase

I’ve been taking a Processing glitch art class with dadageek for the past month. Tonight, students from all classes will be showing their work at the dadageek Student Showcase. Should be a fun evening of tech, sound, interactive art and more.

Saturday, March 3
Atmosphere Coworking
Free with RSVP

For my coursework, I decided to juxtapose imagery from the 50s (specifically relating to women and home) with the techiness and distortion of glitch, as it feels like this era is being dredged up and trying to be imposed on us again. Although the adage “History doesn’t repeat itself repeat itself, but it often rhymes,” is attributed to Mark Twain, there’s no definitive evidence he actually said it. However he did write (and I like this much better, especially as it relates to glitch aesthetic), “History never repeats itself, but the kaleidoscopic combinations of the pictured present often seem to be constructed out of the broken fragments of antique legends.”


While HTML and CSS are certainly not unfamiliar territory (and being Java-based, Processing isn’t that much different), I’ve never really coded from scratch. It’s been an interesting experience to dust off the old high school math skills and work exclusively with code. I’ve always been quick to grasp mathematical concepts and processes, but struggle when it comes to putting them into action. I prefer to observe how everything works in different scenarios before I feel comfortable in working the operations myself. So while I’ve quickly discovered the are limitations to creating glitch art in Processing, ever the perfectionist, I also have to remind myself the files are called sketches for a reason. You can certainly make cool finished pieces with a lot of practice, but as with any other art form the main part of the journey is learning from your drawings.

I’ll post stills and animations on the main part of my site soon.