Circle Skirt

circle skirt

circle skirt - detail


The applique design is based on a shirt made of vintage 70’s fabric I spotted on The skirt I purchased at Dillard’s on clearance a couple of years ago. High-waisted, cotton/spandex blend, women’s US size 4.

Fabric is from: The outside edge and inner diamond is from a skirt my mom used to wear when I was about 2 or 4 years old. It was my favorite skirt that she wore. I stole it in my late teens to make it into a shorter skirt and saved the fabric I cut off. I never wore it because the world wasn’t ready for high-waisted skirts yet. The inner circle is from some Bicentennial fabric my parents salvaged from my great-great Aunt Mildred’s house in Duncan, Oklahoma. The oval shape is from a dress I bought at Savers and turned into a shirt. Again, I saved the fabric I cut off. The buttons I bought intending to make another sweatshirt-sweater but never did.


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