Hipsters: The New Ravers

Despite the fact that fashion has moved on, there are people stuck in 1998 who still dress like ravers. Despite the fact that fashion has moved on, there are people stuck in 2008 who still dress like hipsters. With the explosion of hipster jokes, it’s been proven that the style is a formula just like anything else. That it isn’t a statement about personal, but rather a means for people to identify with/as themselves/others. By subscribing to a fashion-lifestyle formula, voila! One’s potential to connect socially is greatly enhanced. Superficiality is a boost to the ego.

Music-driven fashion is the longest-lasting, specifically neo-flappers, hippies, kickers, metal heads, hip hop, ravers, goths, hipsters, etc., their trends rising and falling — andfossilizing, for some — over the course of a approximately a decade. What styles of music are in their formative phases now that will be the next big fashion-lifestyle movement? My two decades of being in touch with pop culture as experienced in the U.S. are waning, so anything I could guess at is rather uneducated. Musical artists like Lady Gaga and similar are exports from the fashion world rather than vice versa. Perhaps this means that consumers will become luxury brand-conscious again, only not in a flashy way as seen in the 00’s, but a sort of revised 80’s-90’s preppiness. Yes, it looks like influences are mixing and matching everything under the sun, but the label won’t be on your ass, it’ll only be visible only to those who are in the know. Thanks in part to brand-blogger partnerships, sponsorships and collaborations, the human billboards of the future have arrived and walk amongst us. Will they continue to be groomed as eventual traditional models? Or will the human or brand influence be maximized in ways yet to be determined? It speaks to the current larger socio-political struggles between humanization and monetization. Music-driven fashion-lifestyles from developing countries are what might be (or I’m sure already are) really interesting.

Of interest*:

*nowhere near a complete list, just trying to finish this damn post I started 6+ months ago during the hipster identity crisis of 2011.

Italo Space Mix

Some sci-fi for your hi-fi… Halloween dance party!


1. All Night Party – Tabu
2. Factory – BlackShag
3. Strangers In A Strange Land (Instrumental) – N.O.I.A.
4. Light Years Away – Warp 9
5. Space Is The Place – Jonzun Crew
6. Feeling Love L.E.B. Harmony
7. Robot Is Systematic – ‘Lectric Workers
8. Sapphire (EscortRemix) – Zombi
9. Disco Computer – Transvolta
10. Mandroid – Gift Of Dreams
11. Tomorrow (Instrumental) – The New Company
12. Carry On Turn Me On – Space
13. Future World – Ganymed
14. Mind Warp – Patrick Cowley
15. Shall Return – The Warlord
16. Love Is – Gino Soccio
17. Pulstar – Hipnosis

Previous Halloween Mixes:

Women In Psych mix


  1. World of Dreams – The Cake
  2. Sally Go Round The Roses – Grace Markay*
  3. Hide & Seek – The Feminine Complex
  4. What A Way To Die – The Pleasure Seekers
  5. Twilight Dreamer – Earth & Fire***
  6. Little Sadie – Trees**
  7. Beauty – Mad Curry***
  8. Tuesday – Birtha
  9. Hard Chargin’ Woman – Zephyr
  10. Lottery – Rochelle Rosenthal & The Kickball Queen
  11. No Warmth In My Life – Room***
  12. People On The Highway – The Pentangle*
  13. Number 33 – Jan & Lorraine**
  14. God Bless The Child – Fifty Foot Hose**
  15. Evening’s Child – Savage Rose***
  16. Port and Lemon Lady – Goliath***
  17. I Am And So Are You – Affinity***
  18. Eli’s Coming – Affinity***

One of my many pipe dreams is to establish and all-girl psychedelic rock band. For now, a mix will have to vicariously suffice. It proved to be quite a challenge to compile, leaving out the “givens”: Janis, Grace, The Velvet Underground, etc. Sure, there were a ton of all-girl garage bands but an all-girl psych rock band was really hard to find. I guess I could’ve listened to more garage acts for nuances of psychedelia but I just got kind of exhausted searching for appropriate material. Also, the portrayal of many garage bands as novelties rather than rockers really bothered me. Not that these ladies didn’t rock out, but the wolfish selling of “gee whiz, a hot all-girl band” and/or the implied smirk “aw, girls trying to play guitars & drums, ain’t that cute” tainted the sound for me.

Once I threw out the all-girl criteria, I discovered a wealth of interesting vocalists, from jazz-influenced to folk to pop, and several albums worth some quality headphone-listening time (specifically Earth & Fire, Goliath, Savage Rose, Mad Curry and my favorite, quite possibly the best thing I’ve heard in awhile, Affinity [except for the lame cover of “All Along The Watchtower”]). This is by no means a de-femme-itive list; I’m barely delving into the niche. Gonna listen to this mix and the albums from each band a whole lot more because when I really like a song, I have to listen to it about a million times in a row before moving on to new material. Please leave a note if you have further thoughts or suggestions!

*via Spisce Animals
**Featured on The Black Months and Wyldeflowers mixes previously compiled
***via this person’s list of Post-Psychedelic Proto-Progressive Female Vocalists. I didn’t get to listen to everyone on here, but definitely some cool finds.

Lame Summer Mix

These people look like they’re having fun, don’t they?

The music coming out of their waterproof jambox would sound something like this: a sexy, mellow train wreck of jazz, disco and soft pop, as they get ravaged by mosquitos and third-degree sunburns. Music perfect for lounging poolside at some douchey resort at your family reunion; drinking warm beer at a backyard barbecue you don’t know anyone at; trying not to stare at your friends’ pudgy and pasty bits at a pool party; the point of no return when a fling gets weird. A mix that sickeningly yet oh-so-sweetly coats your mouth like the bouquet of blue Alizé.

Can you stomach this languid drift?


click on image to view hi-res tracklisting


Tragic Summer Mix

Wistful electronic tunes from the late 20th century to today

for cruising dark suburbs with the windows rolled down on hot summer weeknights; for that pre-dusk hour at the beach where people pack up their stuff and go home, crammed all sticky and sandy in their air conditioned cars; for humid Saturday mornings going to the mall to buy new high tops and lunch at Chick-Fil-A; for walking out of the hair salon after enjoying a cold Coke at your chair, feeling the clippings inside your shirt and knowing you’ll have to wash it and break the spell; empty palm-lined sidewalks in New Urban shopping developments; the smell of cheap plastic toys and swimsuit fabric in souvenir shop after souvenir shop; tail light trails on a 4-lane freeway as streetlights flash by; the tunnel level in Pole Position.

Summer’s sadness is a journey of longing, on your way to or from somewhere where something actually happened. Step into my ride.


click on image to view hi-res tracklisting

Wyldeflowers mix

Ring in spring with this vernal collection of mostly vintage Psych/Folk/Rock

  1. Kites Are Fun – The Free Design
  2. Tomorrow – Strawberry Alarm Clock
  3. Oh, What A Lovely Day – Steff Sulke
  4. Last Night The Flowers Bloomed – Dave Travis Extreme
  5. In A Garden – Young Californians
  6. Love Story – Jethro Tull
  7. Easy Street – Eddie Howell
  8. The Ark – Chad & Jeremy
  9. Nature Boy – Gandalf
  10. We Gathered In Spring – Midlake
  11. Leaf And Stream – Wishbone Ash
  12. Bluebell Dance – Forest
  13. That’s The Way – Led Zeppelin

Texas wildflowers in the graphic: bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, dandelions, Indian firewheels, evening primrose, winecups.

Disco à la mode

Ring in your New Year with some disco… check out my Disco à la mode mix!

Part 1: [download]

1. High On Disco (LeBaron Edit) – Nytro
2. That’s hot (Instrumental) – Jesse Gee
3. Something’s Up (Love Me Like The First Time) – Wayne St. John
4. Having It So Bad For You (Edit) – Family of Eve
5. Hold Me Touch Me – New York Disco Machine
6. New York Apple Jack – Scott Davis And The Movements
7. You Can’t Have It (Instrumental) – Stargaze
8. What’s In It For Me (Cut and Paste) – Zalmac
9. Soul With Milk – Sumy
10. D.I.S.C.O. (Version Française) – Ottawan

Part 2: [download]
11. 1 2 3 Gimme Some More – D.D.Sound
12. Get Down With Me – Angelo Tinsley
13. Heavy Vibes (Club Mix) – Montana Sextet
14. Disco Boogie Woman – Rozza And Wine
15. Use It Up And Wear It Out – Odyssey
16. Manhattan Fever (Disco Tom Noble Edit) – Roundtree
17. Lift Off – Blush
18. Palace Palace – Who’s Who
19. Love Is In You (Pat Les Stache’s Cabana Re-edit) – Nightlife Unlimited
20. Dance To Dance – Gino Soccio

The Black Months mix

Today the storytelling beings. Everywhere in Brittany the storytelling begins at Toussaint, in the Black Month. It goes on through December, the Very Black Month, as far as the Christmas story.
— A. S. Byatt, Possession

Some chilly baroque psych-folk (+ pop/rock) for short, bright days and dark, windy nights.


  1. The Hour of Not Quite Rain – Buffalo Springfield
  2. Murdoch – Trees
  3. The Rain Song – Led Zeppelin
  4. Under – Cucumber
  5. The Scarlet Letter – Mary Maiden
  6. Surabian Lament – Layne Martine Jr.
  7. Oracle – Chapter VI
  8. Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow – Strawberry Alarm Clock
  9. Willow Tree – Tudor Lodge
  10. And I Need You – Thunderhead
  11. This Is Really The Zoo Plus Two – The Endd
  12. The Raven – Chad & Jeremy
  13. Snow Roses – Jan & Lorraine
  14. My Autumn’s Done Come – Lee Hazlewood

Artwork: Photography and design by me. Original photos taken in 2004 at my family homestead near Hallettsville, Texas.

FeminiNRG mix & digital costume

Not your run-of-the-mill “ladies of the 80’s”! A mix of energetic ItaloDisco and sweet Euro synth-pop. Be sure to watch the youtube links too, you won’t regret it!

1. Upside Down – Vanessa (recommended youtube-ing)
2. Shine Up – Doris D And The Pins (recommended youtube-ing)
3. Menhungry – Maxine Dee
4. Instant Love – Sylvia Love
5. Color My Love – Fun Fun
6. Touch – Lori & The Chameleons
7. Kamikaze Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide – Rettore (recommended youtube-ing)
8. Get Back – Cockroach (yup, a Beatles cover)
9. Tenax – Diana Est
10. Telegraph – Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark (ok, so I snuck a dude in here, but he sounds so much like Debbie Harry! besides, it was the 80’s – not much difference back then)
11. Danger – The Flirts
12. Money Money Money – Michelle
13. Light Up My Heart – Angie St. Philip
14. I’ve Got To Find A Way – Zena Dejonay
15. In The Evening – Sheryl Lee Ralph (who was also a cast member of It’s A Living as well as many other TV shows and Broadway musicals over her long career)
16. Going Crazy – Lily Ann
17. Nobody Else – Karen Silver
18. Dancing Hour – Christine
19. Follow Me – Amanda Lear (recommended youtube-ing)

Dancing In The Dark Mix

A cheezy, sexy, thrilling, spooky collection of Italo & Italo-esque tracks ranging from black to 50% gray.


  1. Chinese Revenge (Dub Version) – Koto
  2. On and On (Dub Version) – Decadance
  3. Shake It Now – B. Blase
  4. Security (Beats) – The Beat Club
  5. Love On Video – The New York Models
  6. Profondo Rosso – City Center (cover of Goblin’s original track from the film)
  7. Teletipo – Oviformia SCI
  8. Cover Girl Smile – sic
  9. Supermax – Supermax
  10. I Need Somebody To Love Tonight – Patrick Cowley & Sylvester
  11. Young ‘n’ Russian – The Korgis
  12. Flesh – A Split Second
  13. funkdreams – D. Riddick
  14. 112 B.P.M. – Jive Rhythm Trax
  15. Le Louvre (Instrumental Version) – Diana Est
  16. You (Extended Vocal Mix) – Boytronic
  17. The Duke Arrives – John Carpenter (from Escape From New York)
  18. Stop-Watch – Hypnotic Samba

Artwork: Photo by Steve Soloway; art direction and design by me. Candelabra Gallery, Tucson, Arizona, 2010.