Bohemian/Goth/Patrick Nagel self-portraits

Started off attempting to makeup inspired by Patrick Nagel. Duran Duran’s Rio remains one of my most favorite albums for both music and cover art and, although I didn’t know it at the time, his illustrations of men and women were ubiquitous in all the pastel-hued hair salons my mom drug me in tow to in the 80s. But I also had the idea of using this church-lady hat I bought at Burlington Coat Factory in Austin over the Holidays last year, so then the concept turned into kind of a early 1900’s bohemian tearoom sort of costume. But that’s about it. It’s really just a study. This is the part that my photographer friends are better at than me in terms of both concepting and editing. I was at a loss with the editing — all I could think of was just blacking out the eyes, as that was the only thing I kind of liked the look of. Fortunately some good did come out of this: the makeup component gave me some practice for a photoshoot I did with a friend a few days later. We’ll see how those come out.

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