A Musical Homage to My Pops

My dad’s musical taste in rock from the late 60’s and early 70’s inspired me enormously in my early teens, and still does to this day. So as a Father’s Day tribute, I made him a mix CD — I wanted to make it all prog/proto-prog but it came out as more of a mish-mash of 60’s psych & garage, ranging from pop-ish to prog-ish, also a lot of instrumentals. So here’s to you, Dad: Trimmer of Live Oaks, Player of Accordion, Auditor of Wrongdoing, Baker of Bread, Wielder of Tractor, Walker of Dog, Dissassembler of Houses, Laugher of Everything, Reader of Epistemology, Director of Choir, Student of Accounting, Fan of Spurs, Mechanic of Cars, Eater of Barbecue, Watcher of History Channel, Builder of Fences, Advisor of Finances, Cook of Stew, Master of Woodstove, Visionary, Nerd, and Renaissance Man.


I Said, She Said, Ah Cid – The Animated Egg
House of Many Windows – Bobak, Jons, Malone
Playground (instr. out-take) – Deep Purple
If Not This Time – Fifty Foot Hose
Wow – Front Office
Bubble Gum March – Capt. Groovy
Ceyladd Beyta – Ceyleib People
The Beginning – Collectors
12 O’Clock, July – Mussies
Strange Girl – Kate
Red Lady – Phil Cordell
Play your game – The Unfolding
Pretty Girl Why – Buffalo Springfield
When I Arrive – We The People
Strangers From the Sky – Kim Fowler
Pancake Trees – Jefferson Lee
Flim Flam Man 2 – Velvet Seed
Rich Man Poor Man – Rumble
Malaguainia – Alexander Rabbit
Vacuum Cleaner – Nowhere Tintern Abbey
No Silver Bird – The Hooterville Trolley
Alligator Wine – In-Sex
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry – Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills

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