2015 Faves



  1. When I Was A Child – Pearls Before Swine [Florida, 1969]
    I have so many Pearls Before Swine favorites, it was hard to pick just one. The ferventness of Tom Rapp’s vocals, his speech impediment, and occasionally esoteric lyrics seem to me a kind of harbinger of Daniel Johnston.
  2. The Ballad of El Goodo – Big Star [Tennessee, 1971]
    Another one that’s hard to pick a fave from. I remember hearing so much about these guys in the early 90’s, I just assumed they were a contemporary band. So watching the documentary Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me a year or so ago was a rather surprising experience for me.
  3. Turn Around – The Beau Brummels [SF, 1968]
    Can’t remember where I found this one, it probably just stood out while streaming Fuzzy and Groovy.
  4. Jessye Lisabeth – Bobbie Gentry [Mississippi, 1968]
    I’d intended to make a Bobbie Gentry compilation when I roadtripped to New Orleans in October, but ran out of time. This takes me back to driving through the swamps on I-10.
  5. Spanish House – Felt [UK, 1984]
    Technically this is a leftover from 2014 as I’ve included Felt on a previous mix. They are one of my all-time favorite bands though, and again, hard to choose a track for. I listened to them a lot on the long drive out to the Marfa Myths festival back in March.
  6. Naima – Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers [NYC, 1971]
    Bachelor pad re-vamp of a John Coltrane tune. Probably heard on Luxuria Music.
  7. Too Much – Byron [Italy, 1985]
    Just a gorgeous Balearic track.
  8. Lonely Moments (Moog) – Robert Hall Productions [NYC, late 60’s/early 70’s?]
    Library music was the stock music for TV, film, and commercial soundtracks from the 50’s through the 80’s. Because there wasn’t a lot of industry pressure to sell records, some library artists were able to push boundaries in symphonic and electronic music. In other instances, composers were able to simply make music for their own pleasure, which gives the listener space to enjoy without much commercial context.
  9. Life On Mars – Dexter Wansel [Philadelphia, 1976]
    As usual, Basic Soul has turned me on to so much good music this year. I don’t think I’ve missed a single podcast in all the 9? years I’ve been listening. #DevotedFan4Lyfe
  10. Mongtomery Clift – Ajello ft. Jyoti [UK, 2015]
    I don’t know much about this track, but groovy house that sounds like part of an exploitation soundtrack? Yes, please! It also reminds me a bit of King Britt’s (as Sylk130) 1997 album, When The Funk Hits The Fan.
  11. Devil’s Run – Peter Jacques Band [Italy, 1978]
    We may have reached Peak Disco with this heart-pumping 8 1/2 minute track.
  12. You Just Love You – Recloose [UK, 2013]
    Ever since I got back into running earlier this year, I’ve been listening to a LOT of deep house music – both tech and soulful sub(sub?)genres – particularly Deeper Shades of House (since 2008!) and some podcasts I found via Deep Vibes. This one is more on the French tip, but unless you’re Simon Harrison (see remarks re: Basic Soul above), it’s difficult to throw a random deep house “chune” into a multi-genre mix.
  13. WTF (Where They From) – Missy Elliot feat. Pharell Williams [USA, 2015]
    It’s Missy: I mean, how can you not. Her wardrobe in the video is so good.
  14. Hot Sauce – Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators [Finland, 2015]
    If this song doesn’t make you wanna go all George Costanza, check your pulse.
  15. Mise Au Point – Jolie [France, 1984]
    Italo version of Jakie Quartz’s original pop hit.
  16. Go Away – Strawberry Switchblade [UK, 1984]
    And then there are times you find new things to listen to on Instagram.
  17. Hands All Over Me – Tamaryn [USA, 2015]
    Her set at Marfa Myths was so good, and Cranekiss came out on my birthday!
  18. Sunshine – Miranda Sex Garden [UK, 1993]
    Pretty sure I remember hearing this on the radio back in the day. Anyways, I am all about MSG’s combo of madrigal-style singing and goth/shoegaze-y rock.
  19. Pretend We’re Dead – L7 [USA, 1992]
    If I were running for president, this would be my theme song.
  20. Some Winters – Weyes Blood [USA, 2014]
    Love the Enya-channeling going on here. Unfortunately I missed her set in Marfa. Oh well, there’s always next year.
  21. Israel Suite – Rupture [France, 197?]
    Rare French jazz album that was re-issued this year. This excerpt is not necessarily my favorite bit from the entire 18-minute piece, but you can listen to the whole thing here.
  22. Morning Song – Leon Lowman [USA, 1982]
    I just heard this beach-y slow-burner for the first time two days ago. Sounds totally contemporary.
  23. Falling Down the Stairs – Blank Realm [Australia, 2012]
    Favorite line: “I got the cinnamon and skeletons”
  24. One Of These Days I’ll Get An Early Night – Camel [UK, 1977]
    Yacht jazz!
  25. How Far Will You Go… – Smokey [197?]
    Would someone PLEASE make a documentary about John “Smokey” Condon? And while you’re at it, Brett Smiley (how is this guy still alive)?
  26. Flashback – Yukihiro Takahashi [Japan, 1982]
    It’s all about that one lilting little chord change.

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